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December 09, 2005

IIASA YSSP 2006: Grad student summer fellowship in Austria

Excellent summer opportunity for graduate students interested in relating their work to global change issues. The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), located just outside Vienna, Austria, each year sponsors a fellowship program for graduate students who are studying in fields relevant to IIASA's work on global change issues. About 50-60 graduate students from around the world spend the summer working closely with IIASA senior researchers, on projects relevant to each student's thesis topic. They end the summer with an international network of colleagues interested in various aspects of global change issues, and often have produced a paper that can be published.

The application deadline for the 2006 YSSP Program is January 15, 2006 and we want to spread the word about this great opportunity as widely as possible. Please help by forwarding the announcement to as many appropriate graduate students, graduate department secretaries, career service departments, and listservers as possible, and post the flyer anywhere you think a potential applicant might see it.

The YSSP program is unlike any other in offering graduate students in a broad range of natural and social science, mathematical, and engineering fields an opportunity to work in an international setting on projects that allow them to explore the policy implications of their work.

IIASA's projects all look at one or another aspect of global change.
However, they range from very technical systems modeling work in the Dynamic Systems program and mathematical ecology in Evolution and Ecology, to integration of policy, economics, and demography in the Population Program and the Risk and Vulnerability Program -- in addition to the natural science-based projects like Forestry and Land Use.

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