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May 02, 2005

Interdisciplinary Training for Recent Ph.D. Graduates Addressing Climate-Change/Impacts


Interdisciplinary Training for Recent Ph.D. Graduates Addressing Climate-Change/Impacts

*DISCCRS II Symposium*
March 26 - April 2, 2006
Asilomar Conference Center
Pacific Grove, CA
Register now to become part of the DISCCRS network and receive the DISCCRS newsletter. After years of disciplinary specialization, graduates from a wide array of backgrounds must increasingly work together to address global climate-change issues. It can take years to broaden perspectives and gain the necessary collegial networks and experience. DISCCRS, an initiative funded by NSF and NASA, seeks to jump-start the process.

*Symposia for recent PhD graduates*
Annual symposia will bring together 36 new scholars from the natural and social sciences, humanities, mathematics, engineering and related
fields to foster collegial networking, understanding across disciplinary, institutional and geographic boundaries, and early-career development. Participants will present their research in plenary sessions. Established interdisciplinary professionals will be on hand to share their perspectives. Consultants will teach participants to communicate across disciplines and with a non-specialist audience. Representatives of Federal agencies will describe programs and funding opportunities. Time will be provided for informal interactions as well. Symposia are currently funded for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

*Webpage and electronic newsletter*
Electronic resources are used to extend the program scope beyond the symposium participants. The portal to DISCCRS is http://aslo.org/phd.html. A unique feature is the on-line Ph.D. Dissertation Registry, which introduces graduates to a world-wide community and provides a concise overview of current work.
Dissertation abstracts are archived in a fully searchable format. The site also includes resources for early-career development. Graduates from all disciplines and countries are encouraged to register
their Ph.D. dissertation abstract using the interactive form at
http://aslo.org/forms/phdform.html. Once registered, graduates are placed on a mailing list to receive a weekly digest of news and time-sensitive announcements. The newsletter includes sections for
resources, news, job announcements, meetings, courses, internships, plus a forum for open discussion. Send postings to disccrs@whitman.edu.

*Recent Ph.D. Graduates from all countries and disciplines* are invited to join the DISCCRS Program and apply to be a DISCCRS Symposium Fellow. Graduates completing Ph.D. requirements between Oct. 1, 2002 - Sept. 30, 2005 are eligible to apply for the DISCCRS II Symposium. An interdisciplinary committee will select 36 applicants based on the submitted materials. Selection will favor those with interdisciplinary interests. Symposium application deadline is October 2, 2005. Support for symposium travel and on-site expenses will be provided for selected applicants.

**DISCCRS: Dis*sertations* I*nitiative for the Advancement of* C*limate* C*hange* R*e*s*earch
DISCCRS is Supported by NSF and NASA through grants to Whitman College (C.S.Weiler, PI) and University of Oregon (R.B. Mitchell, PI).

This initiative is jointly sponsored by the following societies: AAG, AERE, AGU, AMS, ASLO, ESA, ESS-ISA.
Susan Weiler
DISCCRS Program Director
C. Susan Weiler, Ph.D. Office for EarthSystem Studies
Tel: 509-527-5948 Whitman College Fax: 509-527-5961 Walla Walla, WA 99362
Programs for Recent PhDs
DIALOG poster
DISCCRS poster
http://www.aslo.org/phd/disccrsposter.pdf Workshop
Report, Meeting the Needs of Interdisciplinary Ph.D.
Graduates in a Changing Global Environment

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