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    SPARC conducts research, education and outreach to improve the ability of climate science policies to support climate-related decision making

    Climate Science Policies

    Climate-related Decision Making
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    New Publications
    Save the Panel on Climate Change!
    Creating useful knowledge: The role of climate science policy
    Major Change Is Needed If the IPCC Hopes to Survive
    The simple mathematics of decarbonisation in Australia
    Carbon soundings: greenhouse gas emissions of the UK music industry
    Tales from the climate-change crossroads
    Inside the Black Box of Science Advisory Committee Empanelment
    The Hartwell Paper: A new direction for climate policy after the crash of 2009
    Do We Need Better Predictions to Adapt to a Changing Climate?

    SPARC Spotlight
    Nature The May 2011 issue of Nature has an editorial about Ryan Myer's work under the SPARC Project: Value judgements, The scientific endeavour needs to deliver public value, not just research papers. Ryan’s paper, The Public Values Failures of Climate Science in the US, was published in Minerva.
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