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Journal Article

Vanderheiden, S. (2016), Climate Change and Free Riding. J. Moral Philos. 11 (4) 1-27, doi: 10.1163/17455243-4681046.

Vanderheiden, S. (2016), Climate Justice Beyond International Burden Sharing. Midwest Stud. Philos. , doi: 10.1111/misp.12045.

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Vanderheiden, S. (2004), Justice in the Greenhouse: Climate Change and the Idea of Fairness. Social Philosophy Today 19 89-101, Published April 2004.

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Vanderheiden, S. (2002), Rousseau, Cronon, and the Wilderness Idea. Environmental Ethics 24 (2) 169-188, Published Summer 2002.

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Vanderheiden, S. (1999), Why the State Should Stay Out of the Wedding Chapel. Public Affairs Quarterly 13 (2) 175-189, Published April 1999.


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Vanderheiden, S. (2008), Political Theory and Global Climate Change., 256 pp., MIT Press, isbn: 0262720523, Published September 12 2008.

Chapter in a Book

Vanderheiden, S. (2016), Environmental and Climate Justice. Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory , Ed. T. Gabrielson, C. Hall, J.M. Meyer, and D. Schlosberg321-332, Oxford University Press, isbn: 9780199685271, Published March 7 2016.

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Vanderheiden, S. (2014), Common But Differentiated Responsibility. The Essential Guide to Global Environmental Governance , Ed. J-F Morin and A. Orsini31-34, Routledge, Published July 2014.

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Vanderheiden, S. (2014), Justice and Sustainability: Inseparable Imperatives. Teaching Sustainability: Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences , Ed. W. Peterson Boring and W. Forbes, SFA Press/Texas A&M Press, Published March 2014.

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Vanderheiden, S. (2007), America (The Book): Textbook Parody and Democratic Theory. The Daily Show and Philosophy , Ed. J. Holt205-216, Blackwell, Published October 2007.

Newspaper/Magazine Article

Vanderheiden, S. (2017), Anti-Immigrant Populism & Climate Change Denial. The Critique .

Vanderheiden, S. (2013), Conflating adaptation and compensation in the ‘loss and damage’ mechanism?. The European Magazine Oct. 12 , Published October 2013.

Published Reviews

Vanderheiden, S. (2016), Inside the Equal Access to Justice Act by L. Baier. Environmental History 22 , doi: 10.1093/envhis/emw078.

Vanderheiden, S. (2011), Rethinking Environmentalism: Beyond Doom and Gloom, review on Princen, Treading Softly; Wapner, Living Through the End of Nature, and Schor, Plentitude. Global Environmental Politics 11 (1) 108-113, Published January 20 2011.


Vanderheiden, S. (2011), Ethics Beats Self-interest in Carbon Tax Debate. The Conversation , Published March 23 2011.