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The rate of technological development is nothing short of remarkable in the developed world.  New technologies regularly emerge with the promise of progress in every sector of society.  New technologies in weather and climate, for example, offer many businesses and communities a chance to better plan, adjust, and adapt to climatic variability.  Technological development increasingly yields climate services and products for decision-makers on useful time and space scales.

This development occurs within the public sector, the private sector, and academia.    The products and services are plentiful and valuable, but they lack coordination.  As a result, the provision of climate services is not as efficient as it could be.

The Climate Services Clearinghouse seeks to offer a solution.  It draws together climate services and products across sectors, from NOAA, non-NOAA government agencies, academia, and the private sector.  As a result, it enables providers to identify and fix overlap and gaps in existing services.  It also enables site visitors to locate any service of interest.

 As a visitor to the site, you can access services in either of two ways.  The first is through our directed search, in which you can browse for services by time or space scale, type, source agency, or climate event/feature.  This is particularly useful if you want to view all available regional or weekly services, for example.  Access this search by selecting the “View Services by Type” tab along the top of the screen.

The other search option allows you to use more detail.   With this search, you select any combination of features.  For example, you can select the following: weekly, regional, prognostic, precipitation, and flood.  The search will then list all services that include all of those qualities.  With this search function, you may also explore services by keyword.  Access this search by selecting the “Search for Services” tab above.
A final point of emphasis: We are in constant pursuit of a more complete site as we are fully aware that some climate services and products are missing from our clearinghouse.  Please contact us with suggestions and additions at any time.  Contact us by selecting the “Suggest a Service” tab above or by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy the site.

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