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Call for Submissions  
AGU Fall Meeting, 10-14 December 2007

Session U13:  Cooler Living in a Warming World: Solutions to the Carbon Problem

This unique session will bring together scientists, policy experts, business leaders, and government officials to discuss potential solutions to addressing the problem of human-induced climate change.  We hope to stimulate discussion among different individuals and groups who often do not have the opportunity to interact.

Are you a researcher working on mitigation, adaptation, or technological solutions to global warming?  A business leader working on greening your company?  A policy person thinking about national or local responses to the problem? We want to hear from you!  Please submit your abstracts to session U13.

Session Description:
Given the mature body of evidence on human-induced climate change, this session will focus on real-world solutions to the carbon problem.  The enormous scale of the problem and the potentially short time period remaining in which to effect meaningful change call for solutions that will succeed within the current world economy.  We seek contributions from: (1) experts in energy conservation, alternative energy generation, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), and other strategies to decrease carbon emissions, (2) the policy community on the status of legislation to encourage positive change and prepare for large climatic change, (3) private companies on their current efforts to shrink their environmental footprint while becoming more profitable, and (4) citizen and government leaders from cities or smaller communities which are taking steps toward sustainability.  Our goal is to spark ideas and increase collaboration between these diverse sectors.

DEADLINE for abstract submission is 6 September.



L. Jeremy Richardson, AAAS Roger Revelle Fellow

Margaret Turnbull, Space Telescope Science Institute