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Scales of Decision-Making and the Carbon Cycle will be the first step in understanding how decisions made in institutions at different scales currently act to affect carbon sequestration. SDM logo
Carbon Cycle Science: Reconciling Supply and Demand
The purpose of this project is to map the supply and demand sides of carbon cycle research, assess the compatibility of supply and demand, and make concrete recommendations for enhancing future compatibility.
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State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR)
The State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR) is a broadly conceived activity "designed to provide accurate, unbiased, and policy-relevant scientific information concerning the carbon cycle to a broad range of stakeholders." The two overarching objectives for the SOCCR are to summarize scientific knowledge about carbon cycle properties and changes, and to provide scientific information for decision support and policy formulation concerning carbon.


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Communicating Urgency, Facilitating Social Change: New Strategies for Climate Change
The focus of this project is how to improve climate change communication in a way that helps facilitate individual and organizational/institutional change toward more environmentally sustainable behavior.
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Science Policy Assessment and Research on Climate (SPARC)
The focus of SPARC is to conducts research, education, and outreach to improve the ability of climate science policies for supporting climate-related decision making.
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