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Benjamin Hale

Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
University of Colorado at Boulder
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Benjamin Hale is an Associate Professor in environmental studies and philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  He works primarily in the area of environmental ethics and environmental policy, though his theoretical interests span much larger concerns in applied ethics, normative ethics, and even metaethics. As for applied questions, much of his work centers on ethical and environmental concerns presented by emerging technologies. 

Before joining the environmental studies program, Benjamin was the Director of the Center for Values and Social Policy in the Philosophy Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and earlier was the Interim Director of the Environmental Conservation Education Program at New York University.  Benjamin has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an M.P.A. in Natural Resource Policy from the University of Arizona. 

For more on his work, and a much more elaborate biography, visit his website.

Highlighted Publications:

Rights, Rules, and Respect for Nature (2016)

What we have done -- What they can do (2015)

Think of Pollution as Trespassing (2015)

Would You Lie to Airport Screeners? The terrible, “lesser evil” choice facing travelers asked about Ebola (2014)

The Most Terrifying Thing About Ebola (2014)

Restoration, Obligation, and the Baseline Problem (2014)

Wolf Reintroduction: Ecological Management and the Substitution Problem (2014)

Clowning Around with Conservation: Adaptation, Reparation and the New Substitution Problem (2014)

Can We Remediate Wrongs? (2013)

Remediation vs. Steering: An Act-Description Approach to Approving and Funding Geoengineering Research (2013)

Climate Adaptation, Moral Reparation, and the Baseline Problem (2013)

Polluting and Unpolluting (2013)

The Veil of Opulence (2012)

Climate Justice (2012)

The World That Would Have Been: Moral Hazard Arguments Against Geoengineering (2012)

Getting the Bad Out: Remediation Technologies and Respect for Others (2012)

Fukushima Daiichi, Normal Accidents, and Moral Responsibility: Ethical Questions about Nuclear Energy (2011)

Moral Considerability: Deontological, Not Metaphysical (2011)

Nonrenewable Resources and the Inevitability of Outcomes (2011)

Sustainability as Justifiability (2010)

Geoengineering, Ocean Fertilization, and the Problem of Permissible Pollution (2010)

Remediation and Respect: Do Remediation Technologies Alter Our Responsibility? (2009)

Choosing to Sleep (2009)

What's so Moral about the Moral Hazard? (2009)

You Say “Solution,” I Say “Pollution” (2009)

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