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  • SPARC releases new handbook for Science Policy Decision Makers
  • KGNU/BBC Panel Discussion on Climate Change in Boulder scheduled to feature prominent climate change experts.
  • David Cherney, Benjamin Hale and Roger Pielke have launched new blogs.
  • Lisa Dilling awarded new NOAA SARP Project on "Evaluating adaptive policies for urban water resource management".
  • Read the latest briefing on the Center's Science Policy work.

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  • Max Boykoff was quoted in 27 May 2010 Reuters article on public view of climate change.
  • Roger Pielke, Jr. quoted in 16 May 2010 Boston Globe article on global warming debate between Lindzen and Emanuel.
  • Roger Pielke, Jr. cited in 12 May 2010 Science Insider article on Hartwell paper about how to reform climate policy
  • Pielke co-authored “Hartwell paper” referenced in 11 May 2010 BBC News article on new direction for climate policy.
  • Benjamin Hale quoted in 18 April 2010 Washington Post article on conservation in the Hotel business.
  • Roger Pielke, Jr. quoted in 12 April 2010 ABC News article on the House of Commons committee.
  • Max Boykoff and Ben Hale interviewed on 5 April 2010 for Seventh Generation video by One Earth Productions.
  • Max Boykoff quoted in 12 March 2010 Guardian article on carbon footprint of the music industry.
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